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Saya kuyu for almost all the time. The name is, Ibtisam Hadi. twenty-two. A full-time student. more Qs?

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hi, I know it's a bit too early fr me to post n share but let me just rant here k
I am currently committed in this L land. So everything's fine, so far so good, so nice blah blah
But when I look at others who are far away into the L land, it makes me wonder; what makes them look so good together? How can they be so in love even after a while? How come two persons can be so dependable on each other? 
Here's my thought; they look like a team while me(or us) looks like a cat and dog. We fight, tease each other so much that sometimes I ended up crying or he went sulking. Yupp, until that extent. 
And we both would be so stubborn to give in or give up. Ego or pride? Idk. You tell me.
Okay now I am having headache, I'll stop now. Good night people. Enjoy your L land.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hello there


I cant remember when was my last blog post and what was it about. I dont have time to spare for this blog and now I am writing this from my phone. *sigh* I just finished my 3rd year of med school (2 years to go) last week. It was fine. Of course there are times when it was really hard but so far I could cope with the stress and study. But it wasnt that stressful either, I enjoy clinical year. I guess the hardest part would be meeting patients 😅 Some of them are very helpful and cooperative with us; low creature in hierarchy of medicine. leuls. I enjoy going to the hospital everyday especially when we finished early and I could go back before lunch. Omg, that was heaven 😍

In less than 3 days, I'll be starting as a 4th year medical student. oh my, time really went by just like that, in a blink. I dont think I am ready for this. Most of the doctors in the hospital will have this kind of expectation that as a 4th year med student, we are a bit useful, knowlegeable and capable of a lot of things. *hyperventilating* hmm I guess I still remember how to read those ECGs. jk. I've lost my memory of what that thing is 😩 Let's hope for the best, let's hope that I dont fail any postings in my 4th year and the time would passed by gracefully (aww i am so good w words)

p/s; idk how two of my coursemate could get married and one of them is pregnant in the midst of hectic moment of our life. I salute you women, you guys are the superwoman 💪🏼

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